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In a distant future, the government created superhuman soldiers by merging human and dinosaur DNA under the BioShield project to win a nearly lost war. Ares, a large anthropomorphic Tyrannosaurus rex, was once a soldier but is now useless to the government and scorned by society. To survive, he is forced to sell his body, like many other released dinosaur hybrids. But an unexpected encounter turns everything upside down.

What really happened to the BioShield project? Who are the mysterious group known as Hydra, and what are their true intentions? What secret do they need Ares, a virile and dominant male T. rex, for?

And how far are they willing to go? Determined to fight for a new future, Ares sets out to find new and former allies. He embarks on the most dangerous mission of his life—a mission that could ultimately require more of him than he ever imagined.

Mutant Alley is a dystopian sci-fi comedy guaranteed to make you blush.

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